The Opulent Capital, LLC. approach to property and asset management is to focus on value enhancement. Opulent Capital, and its affiliate, Capital Real Estate Management, Inc., have developed a strong reputation for upgrading under performing properties and repositioning them to maximize their return on investment potential. Opulent Capital combination of innovative management techniques and creative problem solving has yielded major reductions in revenue collection problems, higher occupancy rates, upgraded tenant profiles and lower operating costs.

Opulent Capital recognizes that each property is uniquely situated in a specific sub-market and part of the company’s success can be attributed to its ability to create an individualized market niche image for each property. Upper level management carefully analyzes each asset to determine how a specific property can best be positioned to enhance value and operating cash flows while maintaining a satisfied resident base.

In the final analysis, property management is a people business, and our ability to effectively interact with people, be it residents, vendors, suppliers, leasing agents and service techs or owners is the key to our success. Of all of these, meeting the needs of our residents and tenants is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. From our in-house maintenance staff to our leasing professionals, the focus is on our residents and tenants in communities and work spaces they are proud to call their own.

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